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Reflections on the Hudson(rental)

Carmel by the Sea(rental)

Ascent to Victory(rental)

A Silver, Shining Strand (a suite for orchestra) 

Trinity Alps (rental)

A Field in Pennsylvania (rental)

Regalos  (rental)

An American Hymn (rental)

Transit of Venus





Woodwind Quintet








The Encounter(for solo guitar)


The Pegasus Suite(flute and piano)


Two Pieces for Violin and Piano

Peninsula Suite

(string orchestra and solo string quartet)

Peninsula Suite

(string orchestra)


Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano

Woodwind Quintet # 2

Concerto for Clarinet and Small Orchestra

Parisian Caper (clar, sax, pf)

San Andreas Suite

One of Nature's Majesties (clar, bassoon, pf)

Canticles for Brass

Celebration Octet (for fl, ob, clar, bassoon, violin

viola, cello and bass)

Tribute to the Ancients(for brass quintet)

The Baylands (Woodwind Quartet and Piano)

Piano Prelude

Cascades (A Toccata)

Impressions Around G (Recorder Quartet)

Piano Prelude

Cascades (A Toccata)

Impressions Around G (Recorder Quartet)



Robert Wendel Music 

467 West 163rd St, # 3 

New York City, New York 10032 or (212) 928-9094





Available from Jennifer Bloomer (see below)


Frank E. Warren Music Service 

Earnestly Music 

88 Greaton Rd 

West Roxbury, MA 02132 (617) 325-0311



All music available in digital format from

Jennifer Bloomer





Email for prices






All other compositions available from:

Jennifer Bloomer

Email for prices


Works on CD

"Trio for Violin, Clarinet and Piano"
Available on "An American Sampler" - E.R.M. CD # 6662
Editions de la Rue Margot
3712 N. Broadway # 264
Chicago, IL 60613

"San Andreas Suite" (fl, violin, viola, cello)
"One of Nature's Majesties" (clarinet, bassoon and piano)
Released 7/97 on North/South Records CD # 1012
P.O. Box 5081
Albany, NY 12205-9466

"Ascent to Victory" for chamber orchestra
Mission Chamber Orchestra
Emily Ray, Conductor
Available on BMS Recordings, San Jose, CA
CD can be purchased from the

"Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano"
"Two Pieces for Violin and Piano"
Released 4/98 on North/South Records CD # 1015
CD can be purchased from the
"The Pegasus Suite"AngelaKoregelos, flute and Zoe Smith, piano
Myths and Legends-CD # 103
Keynote Designs
2001 Peralta Street, Ste C
Oakland, CA 94607

"A Musical Collage"-"Ascendance to the Stars" from "The Pegasus Suite"
Laura Wiley, flute and Vicki Trimbach, piano
Available for sale at:

"Reflections on the Hudson"-orchestral works by Nancy Bloomer Deussen
The Mission Chamber Orchestra conducted by Emily Ray
Arizona University Recordings # 3108 at The Pine Grove Studios
10750 E. Prince Rd Tucson, AZ 85749
Tel: (520) 749-1732 E-mail:

"Diversions"-Pianist Max Lifchitz in performances of contemporary works
Includes Bloomer Deussen's: "Piano Prelude", "Cascades(A Toccata)" and "Amber Waves"
North/South Recordings-Box 5108 Albany, New York 12205-0108

"Masterworks of the New Era-Vol 2"-"Peninsula Suite"(string orch) by Nancy Bloomer Deussen
The Philharmonia Bulgarica conducted by Robert Ian Winstin
ERM Media Recording #6696
available from the composer at or at
Tel: (650)-625-8572

"Masterworks of the New Era-Vol 10" "American Hymn" 
Kiev Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Robert Ian Winstin
ERM Media Recording
available from the composer at or at
Tel: (650)-625-8572

"Soliloquy"-"Carmel-by-the Sea"(orch) by Nancy Bloomer Deussen
Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Sean O'Boyle
ABC Classics 476 7929
available from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and from 

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